New Beginning

Four months have passed since Nepal was shaken by the heavy earthquake on April 25 and repeated aftershocks. Large parts of Nepal have since then been in ruins. For the villagers the survival battle is not over yet. In June, the monsoon started. This means continuous rain until the end of September. There is a risk of landslides and flooding due to the high precipitation. Many people in Nepal’s villages had to leave their home town because of avalanche danger. In addition, sludge and rubble made the transport and supply routes more difficult. Access to Langtang (the village of Karmidanda), Manaslu and the Everest region, which is directly affected by the earthquakes, is not possible or is possible only with considerable difficulties.
The people in Nepal usually welcome the monsoon, because it is the time when rice and grain are sown in the fields. This year, however, the rain is causing grief and sorrow. People are afraid of the rain in their makeshift repaired homes self-made tents or emergency shelters.

Above all, children have to help their familiar in the everyday life. In order to give them at least a bit of normalcy and to forget the horrors for a short time, several tent schools and child-friendly zones have been set up in many villages and cities, offering learning and playing opportunities. Teachers are specially trained to deal with the traumatized children. But many adults also need psychosocial support to deal with the catastrophe and to take courage for the new beginning. Many are facing the ruins of their lives and do not know how to go on.

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