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During a semester in Bangalore (India) the friendship between Lupa Borah and the exchange student Valentina Heuschmidt arose, and lead to the creation of Walkalong eV. Both felt the need to provide help to disadvantaged people and decided to become active. Their common goal was, and still is, to support these people according to the motto: “Small steps, make big differences.”




Together with a group of dedicated helpers, Walkalong eV was created with this major focus: “Education against poverty“. Since then, 40 children of a small village school have been supplied with teaching materials and a daily warm meal.




Under the guideline “Individual Social Responsibility” the action “Clean Street Rally” was proclaimed in the city centre of Bangalore. The “Do not waste the waste” project, where new products were designed from garbage, also made WalkAlpin eV aware of the role of a clean environment.