A library for Karmidanda

The ABC playground

At the Tibetan border, in a small mountain village,

Beautiful children need a new library. This is yours

Chance WalkAlong eV.

The entire building is ailing and needs new book shelves,

Especially because the villagers really want it and they will be actively involved!

For the learning and teaching program

Great spaces are needed.

Help us realizing this dream.

In Karmidanda, the mountain village, children will be very happy if you help them.

Join us promoting the right of education, especially

Keeping in mind that every kid must have the same chance to learn

Like our kids!

Make this project alive and help us supporting the Shree Mahendra Navavijayee Secondary School.

Nepal is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time poorest, country

Of the entire world.

The goal of WalkAlong eV is to improve the educational standards and raise kids with

Questioning minds!

Respect the local culture and take little

Steps in order to reach our goal is for us

The key.

Uniquely together we can help the

Volunteers of

W alk Along eV to create a better future!

Future = education + cultural exchange

With our ABC poem, we would like to ask for your support in the creation of the library of Karmidanda. A total of 1000 euros is required for all the materials and related works.

Your little help can do a lot for this kids!