News from Uganda

Steffi gives a brief summary of her work ….

11.11.2012 Development of a play focused on Gender Based Violence in Lubowa during the event of the Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) “Uganda at 50 – the journey in combating Gender Based Violence (GBV)” on 26.11.2012 in the Makerere University on the topic of violence against women.

14.11.2012 First meeting for the circus project (information will shortyly follow)

15.11.2012 Arrival of the partner groups from Bukwo, Kapchorwa and Karamoja. Together with three members of Rafiki Theater, they will travel to South Sudan to participate in a meeting of different theater groups.

18.11.2012 Development of a piece on “tribalism”. The tribes of Pokot, Sapiny and the Karamojang are always waging war. One steal the cattle of the others, kill and rape. The play is about both the accusations and prejudices of the individual tribes, as well as how people in the city think about traditional tribes living in the bush and living with their cows. For the piece, a survey was used as a material in Kampala, a biographical material of the tribe members, traditional tribes and members of the tribe.

20.11.2012  Preparation for the workshop on the development of an Integrated Research Monitoring Framework for the Human Rights Project, organized by the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) and the National Planning Authority Uganda (NPA)

– The performance took place at the Hotel Africana to celebrate the Global Week of Action of World Vision’s Child Health Now Campaign.

21.11.2012 – 23.11.2012  Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop of the GIZ and the NPA.

Lecture on the work of Rafiki Theater in general and evaluations of cooperation with GIZ and NPA on gender based violence in the Bukwo and Kween District Uganda in the period from August 2012 to July 2013.

Participation in monitoring and evaluation training.

23.11.2012  Participation in the child rights event of the National Planning Authority Uganda (NPA) on Child Sacrifice. Discussion of the topics and gathering information and facts for a planned piece on the subject. Planned cooperation with HumaneAfrica.

25.11.2012  Opening of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender

Violence Campaign. Parade of Rubaga Church to the Pope Paul Training Center, led by big dolls. Next information on the Rafiki Theater at the Pope Paul Training Center and performance of the Partnertheater group of Rafiki Theater “Chosen”.

26.11. 2012 16  Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign. Debate in Makerere University Kampala. Performance of the piece on gender based violence and information stand.

(Unfortunately no photos, since I was acting too)

28.11.2012  Drive to Kapchorwa and Bukwo District.

 29.11.2012  Training of the Partner theater groups of Rafiki Theater in Bukwo on the theme of female genital mutilation and sexual gender based violence

30.11.2012 –  17 th Sapiny Cultural Day hosted by REACH (Reproductive and Community Health). REACH is particularly fought in the Sapiny region against genital mutilation, which is still traditionally celebrated there. The affected girls and women carry irreversible damage, many die, infect themselves with HIV and have for their entire life long pain.

Luckily, REACH has been able to save some women from this horror. In the course of the Cultural Day, the risks and dangers of genital mutilation are to be pointed out once more.


Hand in Hand for Africa eV  has enabled Walkalong and Steffi to take on a new project in Uganda. We would like to thank our patrons for their active support. Steffi flew to Kampala on 06/11/2012. Be curious about our new project. She will regularly report on her commitment to our homepage.